Assassins Creed: Odyssey Archaeological Survey #0.1 – Agenda I

First of all… Who am I and what is this about? I’ll make it short.

My name is Benjamin Hanussek and I am an undergraduate archaeology student from the University of Warsaw. In the last months I started to be interested in Digital Archaeology. I wanted to discover the meaning and significance of contemporary digital „tools“ for the field of archaeology.

The step towards my current passion for „Archaeogaming“ was a logical one considering the fact that digital games are THE Leitmedium of our era and carry this massive potential to be used for the benefits of the field of archaeology.

At this point I would like to credit Andrew Reinhard for his amazing and pioneering work on Archaeogaming that inspired me to do this blog and the ACOAS-Project. Anyone who wants to gather further knowledge about my upcoming work and generally know more about the archaeology of and in digital games should get his book: Archaeogaming: An Introduction to Archaeology in and of Video Games

Though the blog itself will cover over the time different aspects on Archaeogaming its main focus will be for now and the upcoming year The Assassins Creed: Odyssey Archaeological Survey which will serve as a foundation for my thesis that is going to deal with the possibilities to conduct archaeological work through and with games. Digital games are already undeniably cultural assets of our society that bear deep knowledge about our culture and its history, archaeology, architecture, technology, social conventions, „etc-infintely“. The field of archaeology should start to be aware of the potential of scholarship towards digital games but also the possibility to educate archaeological matters to a „non-professional“ audience and popularise it.

In my journey through the world of Assassins Creed: Odyssey I want to evaluate the implementation of knowledge of Greek antiquity. How is it represented ? How accurate ?And how much does the player learn about this period in human history? Another focus point for my observations will be to extract the knowledge the game gives us about our era, our current society. Questions like „How do modern-western social conventions change a game that is supposed to be located in the remote past ?“ or „Does the applied gender-quote tell us more about us or them ?“ concern my work in-game.

This project uses the „No Man’s Sky Archaeological Survey“ by A. Reinhard and its results as an orientation but does have its own agenda. I am sure that during my upcoming studies on the game probably more questions will arise than questions to be answered and that more points of interest will be added on the „bucket-list“. Still I want to share this process and for that I want to invite everyone on my journey to discover a new age of digital archaeology.

And just to point out… This platform and its upcoming content are mainly for the reason to offer open access to my documentation and observations. The content does not represent processed or analysed data.

Thank you

Benjamin Hanussek


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